11th and 7th Grade

2nd year in TX for school.  Last year was a big success in getting back into the groove of in-person school.  This year seem

Lillian’s 16!

3 hands and 1 finger big.  Wow!  Sweet 16 has come.  This young lady is growing up fast, and while that makes me sad, it al

Lillian’s 16th Birthday Party

Very low-key this year for us.  Kind of strange, as it was a milestone birthday.  However, Lillian got what she wanted and t

Stranger Things!

Saw the immersive experience was coming to a town right next to ours so we got our tickets and pretended for a short time that

Dallas Pride Parade 2022

Never been part of a parade, but we definitely had fun!  Loved the color and all the love (especially how my work also shows

Penny’s 1 Month

Penelope, our Penny, is 1 month old in our house.  Man, she’s changed!  She’s a lot.  Like a lot more than we a

Natalie’s 12th Birthday Party

We had a low-key birthday, but with style.  Natalie loves to read SO much, so we did a book themed party.  We had John and t

Natalie’s 12!

One year closer to a teenager!  Dang, life goes fast.  This kid.  She’s my walking encyclopedia, something she got fr

Easter 2022

This year the Easter Bunny opted to go all in with the Tik Tok trends for the Easter treats along with our traditional tie dye

Easter Pictures 2022

Always envied the Blue Bonnet shoots from native TX photographers, and now it’s my turn!

Penelope’s 1st Photoshoot

And just like that she’s official to the Ross Family

Welcome Home Penelope!

Sometimes life can bring energy to your life that you are lacking.  Penelope is that energy.  Here’s to big dog advent